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They make the Université de Lyon: Lab4Kids

On The December 7, 2020

The Université de Lyon met with Lab4Kids, which is developing a solution to help children and their families during blood tests. Supported by Campus Creation, a company creation simulation program/competition run by the Lyon Saint-Étienne Entrepreneurship Center, the team took part in the Arqus European University’s Virtual Company Creation Challenge.

So what is your idea, how did it come about, and who is behind Lab4Kids?

We have created a concept that allows us to help children and their families during blood tests. And our aim? To dispel the anxiety surrounding medical care for children during blood tests by providing an innovative and fun experience that helps children to better understand this sometimes unsettling experience. Lab4Kids is our solution for meeting a two-fold objective that addresses some rather major issues: 1. to make medical care less traumatic for children by bringing a playful side to it, all while trying to avoid creating a fear of needles and unnecessary stress. 2. To save time for healthcare staff when taking care of the child. So, to achieve these objectives, we have developed a set of products that make up the Lab4Kids universe. It includes a fun bioplastic figurine and two educational videos that explain blood sampling and blood tests. The idea came from stories told by Chloe’s mother, who is a registered nurse. Then, after meeting with professionals, we were able to develop our solution. Lab4Kids is the brainchild of four young adults: Louis, Chloé and Alicia, master’s students at the ESDES, and Auriane, a clinical study manager in the IVD industry. Our skills in various fields, such as finance, marketing, biology and medical practices, all help to reinforce our capabilities as a team.

Can you tell us a bit about your Campus Creation experience?

 Campus Creation was an incredible experience, one that was filled with emotion. We were able to develop a successful project in just a few months, a project that is now feasible, not just imaginary. Even though we were not able to experience the real final event, we did get to experience the professional side of a regional competition. It was a challenging experience that helped us push our limits and comfort zones even further than before, all while working on a project that is particularly close to our hearts.

Why did you decide to take part in the Arqus 2020 Virtual Company Creation Challenge Finals?

We love taking on new challenges, especially when it comes to our project. We saw it as an opportunity to get valuable advice, to gain exposure through a video about our vision, and to continue to spread the word about Lab4Kids and help it grow, this time at a European scale. The health crisis may have slowed our progress, but thanks to the Arqus Virtual Company Creation Challenge, we were able to continue working on our project and develop it even further.

What have you gained from this experience?

Not only did this experience provide us with coaching on how to prepare a good pitch, but it also provided us advice and opinions from juries and other people outside the project. We also had the opportunity to shoot a professional video. Finally, we had hours of coaching to help us develop Lab4Kids. This experience also tested us on other skills that we had not yet put to use in this project.

So what’s next for Lab4Kids?

Lab4Kids is moving forward, slowly but surely, thanks to the help and support of so many people. It is something that is particularly close to our hearts. We want to make this project more than just a reality, although this remains to be seen in the coming months. So be sure to look out for our team and our figurines that are just waiting for your support!