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Employment & entrepreneurship

Useful information

Before seeking employment, be sure to check that your residence permit allows you to work. Generally speaking, a “student” residence permit allows you to work up to 60% of the legal working hours (50% if you are from Algeria). In France, this is set at 35 hours per week.


DIRECCTE is a body that reports to the Ministry of Labor, which considers and then provides work permits for people who request them.

If you are a student, your residence permit may include the line “autorise le travail à titre accessoire” (“allowed to work part-time”). In this case, you do not have to request a permit.

For all other cases (apprenticeships, changes to your student status as an employee, etc.), you must request a permit from DIRECCTE. If you are an Algerian citizen, you must request a permit, regardless of your situation and even if you are a student.


There are several types of employment contracts in France. Please note: you are not allowed to work without signing a contract. Read it carefully before signing: it contains a number of elements governing your work (salary, holiday, terms of resignation/dismissal, etc.).

  • A temporary work contract for short, ad hoc assignments (a few hours or a few days)
  • A fixed-term contract (CDD) for short assignments (a few weeks or months) which end on a set date stipulated in the work contract.
  • An open-ended contract (CDI) for long assignments which have no pre-determined end date.

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Finding a job

Several organizations can help you in your job hunt, and regularly issue job offers and advice. You can contact the CRIJ Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, who specialize in young people's employment. You can also visit the Jobaviz website, developed by the Crous (Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires), which features job advertisements for students.

Are you an international student? Remember your strengths: do not hesitate to look for jobs in tourism, private foreign language lessons, childcare or catering!