Getting around Lyon

Public Transport in Lyon: TCL

Public transport is the easiest way to get around the Greater Lyon area! The public transport network serves Lyon and its surrounding areas; the various modes of transport (bus, metro and tram) make traveling around this area much easier.

There are several rates according to how frequently you travel: single tickets, ticket bundles, “evening” or “weekend” tickets; but the easiest solution is the monthly pass, which gives you unlimited access to the entire TCL network. The student rate for this monthly pass is € 31.80/month – you simply need to swipe your personal card each time you use any form of public transport. To sign up for this monthly pass, contact your local public transport office (Bellecour, Grange Blanche) or visit the website (the TCL card itself costs €5.00).


Do you prefer traveling in the open air? Lyon is relatively well equipped for bikes; the city also offers a turnkey solution for both amateur and experienced cyclists: the Vélo’v. These self-service bicycles are available throughout the city: you can pick up your bike from one of the terminals, and then drop it off at any other collection point once you have completed your journey.

There are several options for using the Vélo’v: the ‘one-way’ ticket, which costs € 1.80, and allows you to use the Vélo'v for 30 minutes. The ‘one-day’ ticket, which costs € 4.00, and allows you to enjoy unlimited journeys for a 24 hour period, with 30 minutes free-of-charge per journey. Extra costs will be charged if you exceed 30 minutes in one journey.

There is also an annual subscription for frequent users: if you are aged between 14 and 25 years old, this costs only € 16.50 and allows unlimited use of the Vélo’v bicycles for 30 minutes per trip.

If you would rather ride your own bike, it is worth noting that there are many events such as “bike exchanges” in Lyon and its surrounding areas; in addition, there are several specialist bike repair organizations which will teach you to fix your bike yourself, and at a lower cost!

Self-service electric scooters

There are several electric scooter rental services throughout the city. These services usually work with an app that displays the location of the nearest scooters and charges your credit or debit card. You should inquire directly with the electric scooter rental service providers, as the rates and conditions of use can vary. Be sure to respect the safety rules and instructions!

Car rental

Do you occasionally need a car? Consider using a car-sharing service: you simply need to sign up to gain access to vehicles from companies such as Bluely or LPA. What’s more, you can reserve your parking spot in the return station to avoid any unpleasant surprises.