The Université de Lyon has framework cooperation agreements with four universities based in Shanghai: ECNU, Fudan, Jiao Tong and Tongji.
The aim of this cooperation is to create double diploma programs, to promote student exchanges abroad and to carry out collaborative research.
Cooperation has expanded primarily in the fields of health, engineering, sustainable development, the arts and human and social sciences.

(Flagship) projects developed through the International Alliance:

Doctoral mobility grants from the China Scholarship Council (CSC)

The Université de Lyon has an agreement with the China Scholarship Council to provide grants enabling Chinese students to undertake their PhDs in laboratories in the Université de Lyon's institutions. Around thirty grants are awarded each year.

The "Medicine and Humanities" project

Launched in 2016, the Medicine and Humanities project is a partnership between the Université de Lyon, the University of Ottawa, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The goal of this international collaboration is to create rich and innovative teaching content in medical humanities.
The collaboration promotes the sharing of content and the expertise of professors working in different countries to enrich their respective teaching programs for medicine and research.
These programs aim to educate medicine students about issues relating to ethics, culture, critical thinking and developing empathy. These aspects will help to build their professional identity.

Collaborations in the field of urban planning with Tongji University

The "Intelligence of Urban Worlds" (IMU) laboratory of excellence has signed a collaboration agreement with the Intelligent Urbanization Co-creation Center for High Density Region (IUCC) based at Tongji University. This agreement should help to build Franco-Chinese (IMU-IUCC) teams working on a variety of urban planning topics. It should also enable professor and researcher exchanges and the organization of collaborative international scientific events.

International Mixed Research Unit and representative office

The ENS de Lyon member institution of the Université de Lyon is part of the "E2P2L" international mixed unit specializing in sustainable development and green chemistry.
These strong ties have encouraged the East China Normal University (ECNU) to build a representative office in Lyon, located in ENS de Lyon's International Relations department.

Visits from students on the "Engineers of excellence from Tongji in France" program

Each year, the Université de Lyon welcomes around twenty urban planning students from Tongji University as part of the "Engineers of excellence from Tongji in France" program. This visit enables the students to visit laboratories in the Université de Lyon and talk to researchers to persuade them to organize mobility programs in one of the Université de Lyon's institutions.