High level of participation in the International Alliance’s back-to-school webinar

On The October 6, 2020

Over a hundred participants attended the international “strategic issues and major breakthroughs” webinar, which combined presentations and discussions on existing and future projects being developed as part of the Université de Lyon's International Alliance.


As the first online event to promote the “international” aspect of the IDEXLYON, this webinar confirmed that, despite the strong impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, international activities are still going strong. It brought together over a hundred participants from an array of backgrounds, including vice-presidents for international relations and research/training, directors of research units and doctoral schools, researchers and research professors, PhD students, and people involved in their institutions’ international relations.

The webinar was divided into two parts:

  1. Institutional opening: the IDEXLYON’s international aspect and the Université de Lyon’s international strategy

    Jean-François Pinton, Director of IDEXLYON and President of the ENS de Lyon, opened the webinar by highlighting the themes and challenges of The IDEXLYON project’s international aspect, whose main project is the International Alliance.
    This was followed by an overview of the Université de Lyon’s international strategy, presented by Jacques Comby, Vice-president for the Université de Lyon’s international strategy and entrepreneurship, and President of the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3. The webinar opening was concluded with a speech by Séverine Dalynjak, Head of the International Office at the Université de Lyon, who spoke about the international cooperation tools and guidelines that have been established to help implement the strategy to increase the international exposure and attractiveness of the university site.
  2. Looking back, looking forward and discussing the four International Alliance zones
    The webinar continued with a review of the activities developed since 2018, as well as future initiatives for the four International Alliance zones: Brazil, Canada, China and Japan. These presentations were given by the Université de Lyon’s overseas representatives.
    They highlighted the wide range of players involved in cooperation projects, the internationalization tools developed with the help of IDEXLYON, as well as the extensive involvement of the Université de Lyon’s member institutions, which demonstrates their support for the cross-cutting project and these tools.


Continuing activities and ongoing calls for projects

The International Alliance, although affected by the Covid-19 crisis, has continued its activities in 2020 and is already launching its initiatives for 2021.

Take a look at ongoing calls for international projects

The International Alliance project is based on plurality and multilateral cooperation and is dedicated to developing projects that involve partners from several different countries.

As such, the Université de Lyon is preparing to organize an international symposium that will be attended by scientists from partner institutions in the four zones of the Alliance. The objective of this symposium is to collectively examine the Covid-19 crisis, to promote meetings and discussions, and to develop multi-stakeholder projects

Watch the International Alliance Back-to-School Webinar at any time

The entire International Alliance webinar has been recorded. If you were not able to follow this online event live, please contact the Université de Lyon’s International Office, who will be happy to share the video with you.