[IN OUR INSTITUTIONS] "Accelerating the development of higher education & research”: local awardees

On The April 18, 2023

Forty-four higher education institutions are winners of the ASDESR call for projects, launched in November 2021 by the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI) and the National Research Agency (ANR). Among the winners, two projects hail from the Lyon Saint-Étienne academic site.

Initiated within the framework of the PIA4, the “Accelerating the development strategies of higher education and research institutions” (ASDESR - Accélération des stratégies de développement des établissements d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche) call for projects aims to encourage French universities and research-professors and researchers to raise new funds, particularly European ones.

The aim is to enable French institutions to increase their ability to develop and diversify their sources of funding, which have become essential to the development of their activities and their influence on the national, European and international academic scene.

Find out more about the call for projects: ANR website (FR)

Forty-four projects were selected in the single wave of the call for projects, out of 49 projects submitted. Among them, two projects are from the Lyon Saint-Étienne academic site:

The “E@sely Skills” project, sponsored by INSA Lyon and the Lyon Saint-Étienne consortium of engineering schools

→ Funding axis: Lifelong training, European funding
→ Funds allocated: € 5,181,793

The “ABILITY” project, sponsored by the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

→ Funding axis: European funding
→ Funds allocated: € 5,304,000

The projects, with a duration of six to ten years, are split into two phases:

  1. A three-year start-up phase during which the payroll of the staff hired is entirely covered by the grant;
  2. A phase of growth in own resources generated by the increase in sustained activity, making it possible to compensate for the gradual reduction (degressive funding) of State aid, which stops at the end of the project.

Congratulations to the winners from Lyon and Saint-Étienne!