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20th yearly Brain Awareness Week

From March 12, 2018 to March 17, 2018

For Brain Awareness Week from March 12 to 17, the general public will have the chance to discover advances in brain research. In Lyon, the event will be highlighting two key issues: perception and addiction.

Coordinated by the French Neuroscience Society, Brain Awareness Week is a unique opportunity for the general public to meet researchers, doctors and student volunteers to learn more about the brain and find out about research news.

For its 20th year, Lyon will be hosting thirteen conferences during the week in the form of workshops and round tables on the topics of "addiction" and "seeing the world differently".

The entire program is free of charge.

With the participation of the Neurodis Foundation

For this event, the Neurodis Foundation, hosted by the Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon, will be taking part in the DapoPa workshop on Saturday, March 17 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm with Audrey Maillet, a researcher at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. The public will be invited to explore how dance can prove to be a fascinating tool for stimulating the physical awareness of Parkinson's patients.

The event is co-organized by the CNRS, Inserm, the Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon, the CRNL, the Neurodis Foundation, the Hospices Civils de Lyon, the CORTEX and ASLAN LabExes, the Université de Lyon and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

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