10th Anniversary of the Collegium de Lyon Colloquium: rationality at the heart of the program

Du 10 April 2019 au 11 April 2019 De 09:00 à 17:30
Du 10 April 2019 au 11 April 2019 De 09:00 à 17:30

The Collegium de Lyon, Lyon’s Institute of Advanced Studies, is celebrating its tenth anniversary by holding a colloquium on April 10 and 11, which will cover the topic of new perspectives on rationality in a transnational world.

The idea of individual and collective rationality is a complex issue with substantial implications for social science methodology and how we interpret observed behaviors. Attributing rationality teaches us about how we understand behavioral models in political and social contexts, which includes intercultural communication, identity and public policy. In today’s world, more than ever before, social science researchers must explore essential issues, such as the cultural impact of immigration, political instability, and other global challenges.

Participants in the colloquium will provide many different and complementary perspectives on these issues. The theoretical approaches are based on specific case studies, on the relationship between consumption and cultural values, cultural constraints and dilemmas, and the limits of approaches that are based on rational choice. This exploration will cover past and current behavioral models.

This colloquium is being organized by Aleksandar Boskovic and John Hamman (Collegium – IEA de Lyon), and simultaneous French-English interpretation services will be provided.

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