Doc’ to Job program; a program for young doctors seeking employment

On The October 23, 2020

The Université de Lyon and Pôle emploi (the employment center) are partnering with Verneil Formation to bring you the “Doc’ to Job” program. This program is designed for doctors who have been seeking employment for at least the last five months. The next class will begin in mid-November (the date will be announced soon).

Doc' to Job is a personalized job coaching program delivered by qualified professionals. It helps doctors to:

  • Gain self-confidence;
  • Verbalize their skills;
  • Develop their profile;
  • Expand their network;
  • Obtain a permanent position outside the academic sector.

It is a collective campaign designed to provide personalized support that is tailored to each individual’s profile with the help of a mentor.

An online program


The next course will start in mid-November; the date will be announced soon.

To join the program, please send an e-mail to