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Publication of the eighth survey on the professional future of doctors from the Université de Lyon

On The October 4, 2021

The Lyon-Saint-Étienne Observatory for the Professional Development of Doctors (Observatoire pour l'évolution professionnelle des docteurs – OEPD), led by the Université de Lyon, has just published its eighth survey on the professional future of its doctors.

Thanks to the participation of 588 doctors from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites, this survey has provided an overview of the professional situation those who graduated in 2016, three years after obtaining their doctorate.

The first part of the study provides a general overview of these doctors and their situation as of December 1, 2019. It covers three disciplinary fields:
  • Exact sciences,
  • Life sciences,
  • Human and social sciences

The second part of the study analyses the results of the survey by doctoral school (let’s not forget that the UdL has 17 accredited doctoral schools).

Some key figures from the survey

  90% of doctors who graduated in 2016 were employed on December 1, 2019
  2/3 of which held a permanent contract and 17% a post-doctoral contract

  80% of the theses have been funded
  20% of these where funded by companies

Download the “What happened to UdL's 2016 doctoral graduates?” report (FR)

Download the summary of the 2016 doctoral graduates survey (FR)