The Université de Lyon has created a LinkedIn group for doctors and PhD students

On The November 18, 2019

In 2018, the Université de Lyon and its member institutions built a Career Center to promote the professional value of the doctorate experience. As part of this project, the Université de Lyon has launched a group for PhD students and doctors on LinkedIn, the professional social networking website. This group also includes recruiters and partners linked to the PhD program.

One year after establishing the Université de Lyon’s Doctors’ Career Center, PhD students and doctors from the Lyon and Saint-Étienne sites can now join the new LinkedIn #Carrières des Docteurs - Université de Lyon group.

This new LinkedIn community, which already has more than 250 members, has been set up to allow its members to combine expertise, join forces, take part in discussions based on a sector, a profession, a company, a business or an activity, and to share and/or create professional opportunities...

By joining this group, (future) doctors can:

  • Gain access to job vacancies which are exclusively reserved for the Université de Lyon;
  • Draw inspiration from other doctors’ academic careers;
  • Find out about all of the career events which take place throughout the year;
  • Take advantage of professional development programs;
  • Keep up with the latest PhD program news and events.

► To join the group, simply request an invitation (the group is private)

Join the group