When PhD students meet with doctors: The first Doc'Talks gathering

On The July 2, 2019

On July 2, 2019, the Université de Lyon organized the first Doc'Talks, an after-work gathering which brings PhD students and doctors together in a friendly environment to interact and share their experiences.

With over 5,000 PhD students enrolled at 17 doctoral schools, and over 1,000 doctors each year writing their thesis from the Université de Lyon across all fields (hard sciences, experimental sciences, life and health sciences, human and social sciences, etc.), Lyon Saint-Étienne is a leading site for PhDs in France.

Doc’Talks: a PhD student-doctor gathering set up by the Université de Lyon

The first edition of Doc’Talks, an after-work gathering of PhD students and doctors, took place at Flanigan’s on Tuesday, July 2, 2019.It was a moment for working young doctors to share their experiences.

These gatherings provided the PhD students with the opportunity to discover different post-thesis careers and to learn more about the integration of doctors in the corporate world, giving them an insight into the opportunities available to them in their professional development.

Two doctors came and met with PhD students for this first gathering:

  • Constance Robeyns, PhD in material science, Head of R&D at Robatel;
  • Cyril Couffe, CIFRE PhD in cognitive sciences,consultant, instructor and co-founder of the Okay Doc startup.

The two doctors gave the students sound advice based on their personal and professional experiences.Their positive and realistic speeches helped the PhD students think about their future.