Call for applications

The École urbaine de Lyon launches a call for applications for doctoral contracts

From May 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019

The École urbaine de Lyon launches a call for applications for doctoral contracts for the 2019-2020 academic year. Applications are open until May 31, 2019.

Through its experimental interdisciplinary project for research, doctoral training and the social, cultural and economic promotion of scientific knowledge, the École urbaine de Lyon aims to break new ground by establishing an emerging field of knowledge and expertise: the Urban Anthropocene. The École urbaine de Lyon aims to support innovative and multidisciplinary thesis projects. Doctoral students will be selected after a yearly call for applicants.


To be registered in the doctoral school, the applicant must have a national Master’s degree or another diploma of the same level, following an educational program establishing that the applicant is able to conduct research. Applicants who have not yet defended their Master’s thesis at the time of their application must provide a letter of recommendation from their Master’s thesis supervisor.

If this condition is not fulfilled, the director of the institution may, as an exception, and if put forward by the board of the doctoral school, enroll students who have completed studies of a comparable level or who have validated professional experience.

Selection criteria

The École urbaine de Lyon is looking for projects that are:


  • Emerging areas of study at the cross-section of several fields, exploring the Urban Anthropocene, with a dimension of territorial systems analysis and the interactions between urban dynamics and global change.
  • Offering fresh intellectual positions and approaches (new empirical methods, conceptual thinking, programmatic aims, use of knowledge and skills from non-academic fields – vernacular knowledge, artistic knowledge, etc.).
  • Projects that include from the outset a desire to innovate in communication, dissemination, and the debate of scientific results.

Co-supervised and multidisciplinary:

  • The École urbaine de Lyon will only support thesis projects that are co-supervised.
  • In addition, for projects that are co-supervised by another French university, the supervisors must be affiliated with two different CNU sections. For international co-supervised theses, the supervisors must work in two different academic fields.
  • One of the thesis supervisors must be affiliated with a member institution of the Université de Lyon.


  • At least one continuous semester of the doctoral program must be planned abroad.
  • A colleague from a foreign country must be included in the thesis committee for international co-supervised theses.
  • International co-supervisions are preferred, and joint supervision is possible, depending on the type of partnership.


After defining the thesis topic and identifying supervisors, the applicant may submit a single PDF application file to the following address:

Find out more about conditions & selection process (in French)