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Call for participation in the École urbaine de Lyon’s second “Anthropocene School” Festival

From May 3, 2019 to September 20, 2019

The École urbaine de Lyon is launching its first call for participation to players from the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, in order to devise the program for the second “Anthropocene School” Festival, which will be held at the Halles du Faubourg from January 27 to February 2, 2020.

The École urbaine de Lyon, supported by the Université de Lyon, is a Convergence Institute program which includes an experimental interdisciplinary project concerning research, doctoral training and the promotion of scientific knowledge.
The Anthropocene School Festival is the highlight of the school year.

This second festival will take place in Lyon, at the Halles du Faubourg, from January 27 to February 2, 2020. Similar to the first edition, this jam-packed week of activities will be open to all audiences, in order to discuss, negotiate and build proposals during seminars, lectures, presentations, workshops, readings, radio sets, screenings, etc.
The call for projects to participate in the 2020 Anthropocene School Festival is open! All institutions, laboratories, researchers, professors and students wishing to propose a project for this edition are asked to respond to this call for participation no later than September 20, 2019.
Participation benefits:
  • Providing a public forum to share your knowledge with a wide range of audiences; this public forum will extend further than the festival, since all organized events benefit from audio recordings which can be uploaded as podcasts;
  • Secure meetings that may potentially generate positive extensions to your research or training;
  • Initiate anthropogenic research projects with an audience and with experts;
  • Benefit from the support offered by the Lyon urban school, as well as the overall media coverage of the festival.
► Find out how to participate (in French)