The École urbaine de Lyon hosts the “Anthropocene School” Multidisciplinary Festival

Du 24 January 2019 au 31 January 2019
Du 24 January 2019 au 31 January 2019
Du 24 January 2019 au 31 January 2019
Du 24 January 2019 au 31 January 2019

The École urbaine de Lyon, one of the two Convergence Institutes of the Université de Lyon, is holding a major multidisciplinary event. This week-long festival will provide many opportunities to learn, debate and build upon ideas alongside scientists, thinkers, artists, politicians, organizations, etc.

Events for all audiences

Workshops, lectures, debates, readings, seminars, a radio studio, photo exhibits, video equipment, film projections, events for children, a large bookstore, etc.

A few themes that will be explored

  • Justice (spatial, dietary, environmental, climate)
  • A pre/post-apocalyptic evening
  • Diet in the era of the Anthropocene (brunch, workshops, etc.)
  • The Green economy - Life in the city of the future - Life and biodiversity
  • 2019 Night of Ideas on January 31. Theme: “Facing the Present”. Organized alongside the Institut Français.

Some of the people who will be in attendance

Gilles Bœuf, biologist - Delphine Batho, politician - François Bon, author - Dominique Bourg, philosopher (Switzerland) - Dominic Boyer, anthropologist (USA) - Ian Brossat, politician - Fabienne Brugère, philosopher - Judit Carrera, Director of the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (Spain) - Grégoire Damon, author - Sophie Divry, author - Jean-Nicolas Fauchille, urban planner - Marina Garcés, philosopher (Spain) - Rémi Janin, landscaper, farmer and teacher - Cymene Howe, anthropologist (USA) - Bernard Kaufmann, biologist - Stanislas Kraland, essayist - Guillaume Le Blanc, philosopher - Hervé Le Treut, climatologist - Jacques Lévy, geographer - Enzo Lesourt, philosopher - Muriel Maillefert, geo-economist - Virginie Maris, philosopher - Max Mollon, designer - Baptiste Morizot, philosopher - Gladeema Nasruddin, film producer (Sudan) - Emmanuelle Pagano, author - Mathieu Potte-Bonneville, philosopher - Michèle Sabban, politician - Lucile Schmid, politician, and many more.

► More information to come in a detailed program and on the following website: