Calls for proposals

The Lyon Urban School launches a call for internship projects

From November 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018

The Lyon Urban School, one of the two Convergence Institutes attached to the Université de Lyon, is putting out the 2018-2019 call for internship topics and projects for students enrolled in partner Master’s programs.

The challenges posed by the urban Anthropocene are tied to new scientific and professional fields which require learning new skills. The Lyon Urban School (LUS) aims to support students in designing their training projects in this rapidly evolving context. It is thus launching its first call for projects for all Master’s programs in Lyon and Saint-Étienne, in order to assist second-year Master’s students in finding projects and topics for their internships.

Internships may cover either real-world applications or research within laboratories, local authorities, associations, NGOs, companies, etc. They can take place either in France or abroad. LUS aims to emphasize the benefits for each student of including a research component in their training, which will enable them to conduct a study project autonomously.

Internships may vary in length depending on the project, between 4 months and up to 6 months, beginning in February 2019. This call for projects and internship topics is intended for second-year Master’s students, to encourage students to take initiative. However, it is recommended to have identified a prospective or confirmed academic supervisor for the internship when submitting the application, and it even more important to identify the organization hosting the internship and the tutor(s) within the organization.

All projects will be examined by LUS’s Board of Directors.

Further information on our eligibility criteria and how to apply (in French)