A bronze French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) medal awarded to a member of the COMOD LabEx

On The March 15, 2018

Every year the CNRS rewards those who have contributed most to its outreach and to the advancement of research.

Raphaële Andrault, a former post-doc at the COMOD LabEx and director of a structural LabEx program on pain, has been awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal, for the year 2018. "The bronze medal recognizes the first work carried out by a promising researcher in his or her field."


Raphaële Andrault works on the representation of the body in modern times. Cross-referencing philosophy resources and the history of medicine, she studies what we call "the mind-body problem": how has the relationship between the mind and body been understood throughout history? How has the link between moral character and health been explained? She is now focusing on the notion of bodily pain in the classical period.

This philosophy graduate and former student from the École Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences Humaines (ENS LSH) defended her doctoral thesis on Spinoza and Leibniz in 2010. She also won a grant from the Institut de France Thiers Foundation. After two years working as a post-doc at the COMOD LabEx (Université de Lyon) between 2012 and 2014, she was recruited by the CNRS in 2014 and employed by IHRIM. In particular, she edited and commented on "Discourse on Niels Stensen's Brain Anatomy" ("Le discours sur l’anatomie du cerveau de Niels Stensen", Classiques-Garnier, 2009), published the work "The Reasons for the Body. Mechanisms and Medical Sciences" ("La raison des corps. Mécanisme et sciences médicales", Vrin, 2016) and co-wrote an anthology on "the birth of medical anthropology" in "Medicine and Philosophy of Human Nature" ("Médecine et philosophie de la nature humaine", Classiques-Garnier, 2014).

She led the "Archeology of Pain: Literature, Philosophy and Medicine" project ("Archéologie de la douleur : littérature, philosophie, médecine") as part of the COMOD LabEx's focus on "the Unthought in Modern Rationality" ("Les Impensés de la rationalité moderne").

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