DEVweCAN - Cancer development and targeted therapies
At the boundary between research and development, DEVweCAN's main objective is to improve our knowledge of the embryonic mechanisms reactivated in tumor progression, in order to identify and confirm new markers, and to develop new anti-cancer therapeutic targets. In doing so, DEVweCAN particularly aims to transform the Lyon region into an internationally renowned center within the field of cancerology.


Partner laboratories: 
  • Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon – CRCL (INSERM U1052 – UMR CNRS 5286) – département Immunité, Microenvironnement, Virus
  • Institut Cellules Souches et Cerveau – SBRI (INSERM U846)
  • Institut NeuroMyogène (INMG) (UMR CNRS 5310 – INSERM U1217)
  • Laboratoire Application des Ultrasons à la Thérapie – LabTAU (INSERM U1032)
  • Physiopathologie, Diagnostic et Traitement des Maladies Osseuses - LYOS (INSERM U1033)