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The PartiSCiP project international symposium

From June 6, 2019 to June 7, 2019

The international “Participatory sciences: new epistemological, ethical and political challenges” symposium will take place on the June 6 and 7 2019. This event, organized by Stéphanie Ruphy and Baptiste Bedessem from the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, is the result of the PartiSCiP project funded by IDEXLYON.

This process of delivering scientific knowledge and expertise to the general public and people who may be unfamiliar with professional research, benefits from increasingly strong institutional and political support. The development of these “citizen sciences” or “participatory sciences” poses new epistemological, ethical and political challenges. Is it possible that this new openness could improve the objectivity of scientific research, in some fields and in certain conditions? What specific type of citizen involvement is needed in order to optimize the epistemological conditions for ensuring scientific objectivity? How can we guarantee a true political and epistemic representation of the sometimes conflicting interests and values which may come into play as part of a participatory project?

The symposium will bring together the contributions of philosophers and sociologists, along with feedback from participants who are already involved in participatory research projects.

Plenary speakers

  • Justin Biddle – Georgia Institute of Technology, USA;
  • Florian Charvolin – CNRS/Max Weber Center;
  • Denis Couvet – Museum of natural history/Center for Ecology and Conservation Sciences (CESCO);
  • Romain Julliard – CNRS/CESCO;
  • Kristina Rolin – Helsinki University.

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Find out more about this event on the dedicated website (in French)