Published on November 12, 2020 | Updated on April 8, 2021

Scientific sponsors for organizing colloquia 2021-2022

Closed call

The Arqus European University brings together the universities of Bergen, Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Lyon, Padua and Vilnius. The main aim of Arqus is to act as a platform for institutional learning that serves as a basis for developing, testing and implementing an innovative inter-university cooperation model.


Of the nine common areas of research that have been identified by assessing the strengths of each Arqus partner (cancer research, physics/surface science, the human brain, aging and health, changing societies, digital humanities, European cultural heritage, global change/climate change and artificial intelligence), two of them are being paid particular attention: climate change and artificial intelligence.

In view of its expertise and strengths, the UdL has been specifically entrusted with organizing two events:

  • In the fall of 2021, a colloquium focusing on climate change and biodiversity;
  • In the fall/winter 2021/2022, a conference dedicated to artificial intelligence and digital transformation.

To do so, it is looking for a scientific sponsor for each of these two events.


Applicants must:

  • Be working in one of the following institutions: the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, the Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne and the ENS de Lyon;
  • Be recognized in the relevant subject areas (climate change/biodiversity and artificial intelligence/digital transformation) and have scientific knowledge/expertise in that field.

Applications may be submitted jointly by several researchers/research professors, provided they each meet the above criteria.