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The Université de Lyon: project 2020-2030

The Université de Lyon's ambition: project 2020-2030

Building a world-class intensive research university

Several years ago, the higher education and research institutions of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site embarked on a collaboration and structuring process for the site.

The Université de Lyon's project, awarded the IDEX label, intends to establish a world-class, inclusive and multidisciplinary institution known as the "Target University" (Université-Cible).

The ambition of this new university is to be recognized among the best world-class universities as part of a multidisciplinary and pioneering academic project for France, and whose missions meet the expectations of students and all stakeholders: high-quality diplomas, close links between training and research, student employability, research performance, innovation and socio-economic partnerships.

The Target University will be a new type of institution and the starting point on a path towards 2030 in a dynamic of transformation and innovation at both an academic and organizational level.

Five institutions are working on creating the Target University:

  • Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 ;
  • Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne ;
  • Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 ;
  • École normale supérieure de Lyon ;
  • Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon.

The Target University will:

  • Have an agile and responsive governance that promotes the overall strategy;
  • Have components with a large degree of autonomy and great academic responsibility, whereby ENS de Lyon and INSA Lyon retain their moral and legal personalities;
  • Be organized and function on the basis of the campus policy.

Organization of the project


The decision-making and arbitration body is the steering committee made up of five institution heads, the President of the Université de Lyon and two representatives from each institution.

This committee relies on a dedicated project team made up of an advisor from each institution. These five advisors promote the project's approach in their institution, contribute to the project's progress as a team and are representatives for its fulfilment.

The managing directors will be gradually mobilized to support this joint project, and the departments will also be involved in operational issues regarding the project's academic and policy objectives.

Two external service providers are supporting the process.

The collective community contribution

The collective community contribution (Contribution collective des communautés) is structured around inter- and intra-institutional work groups. They will be organized throughout the process as a force for proposals.

Inter-institutional work groups

Six initial topics have been identified for consideration:

  • Components;
  • The first phase;
  • The central level and coordination with the components;
  • Support functions;
  • Attractiveness;
  • The campus.

The first inter-institutional reflection began at the end of March 2018 on the topic "Component Road Map". It aimed to propose a framework (as well as its scope), on which the future "component" work groups will work during summer 2018.