Covid-19: “jeveuxaider”, an online platform to get involved

On The March 23, 2020

In order to guarantee the continuity of vital activities for the most precarious, the online platform was launched by the FRench Government. It is built in conjunction with the largest associative networks, and will allow all those who can and who wish to give their time so that the most vulnerable are not the first victims of the Covid-19 health crisis.

Caring for the caregivers' children, shopping for groceries or medication for an elderly or disabled neighbor, etc. The government launched the Civic Reserve-Covid 19 to facilitate mutual assistance despite the containement measeures, and help associations in need of volunteers.

How can I help?

The Civic Reserve is a voluntary commitment mechanism aimed at strengthening national cohesion and the collective capacity to face major crises. This new platform allows structures (associations, CCAS, MDPH, communities, public operators, etc.) to report their needs for reinforcements around four vital missions:
  1. Food and emergency aid;
  2. Exceptional custody of children of caregivers or of a child welfare structure;
  3. Link (telephone, video, email, etc.) with isolated fragile people: elderly, sick or disabled;
  4. Solidarity of proximity: races of essential products for the neighbors (fragile, isolated, disabled).

I want to help !

This commitment is open to everyone, whether a volunteer at heart, always used to associative missions; or -that is also important- for the first time, to give a little time and energy. Because this health war is unprecedented, because it concerns us all and because we want to win it. Together.
Gabriel Attal, French Secretary of State to the Minister of Education and Youth