Establishing a support fund with the Métropole de Lyon for digitally disadvantaged students

On The April 24, 2020

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Université de Lyon and its institutions are committed to bridging the digital divide and have devised an emergency plan for students to provide them with computer equipment and internet access. The Métropole de Lyon is financially supporting this initiative.

In light of the lockdown and the end of face-to-face teaching, the Université de Lyon member and associated institutions have initiated a plan to provide consistent teaching and support for students.A number of measures have already been taken to reduce the impact of this situation: providing food hampers to disadvantaged students, psychological support, etc.

In order to reinforce these actions and to address students’ main concerns, the Université de Lyon is launching an emergency plan entitled “IT equipment and internet access for students to bridge the digital divide”.

This financial support will be allocated as follows:

  • 100 euros per student for a better internet connection;
  • 400 euros per student for purchasing a computer.

Each student is entitled to receive both types of support (subject to eligibility).

This fund is coordinated by the Université de Lyon and will be allocated to the site’s institutions according to their student population. Each institution will then be able to provide funding to students who request it, depending on the terms and conditions specified by each institution.

This scheme will soon be up and running and open to student applications.