In memory of Renaud Mahieux

On The December 17, 2020

The Université de Lyon is in mourning following the death of Renaud Mahieux, who was a professor at the ENS de Lyon’s Biology Department and a member of the International Infectious Diseases Research Center (Centre international de recherche en infectiologie – CIRI).

Renaud Mahieux joined the ENS de Lyon in 2008 and was Head of the Biology Department from 2013 to 2017. He was one of the founding members of the CIRI in 2013. Despite his illness, he was determined to remain involved in the School’s activities as much as possible.

Renaud Mahieux had a passion for virology, and was particularly interested in the HTLV virus. His scientific work was widely recognized by the international virology community. In 2019, he was proud to see his research team, “Retroviral Oncogenesis”, awarded the Foundation for Medical Research label for its “Induced Leukemogenesis and Preclinical Tests in Cement Models” project.

Renaud Mahieux was also extremely passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge. In 2013, he and his colleagues launched a totally interdisciplinary Master’s degree in Biology, which is known for its dynamic approach and popularity among students. He also organized the first Master’s degree award ceremony for the Biology Department, which has since become a tradition. He inspired a large number of educational initiatives and activities to spread scientific knowledge, which have been passed on and sustained by his colleagues.

Renaud Mahieux played a major role in developing theInternational Alliance’s Japan – UdL partnership at the Université de Lyon, as a referent in the field of Biosciences. He also played a key role in developing the IARI program with the University of Tokyo.

Our thoughts go out to his family, friends, colleagues, and students. We are deeply sorry for their loss.