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Launch of MANUTECH-SLEIGHT Graduate School of Research

On The October 2, 2018

Led by the Université de Lyon and coordinated by the Université Jean Monnet, MANUTECH-SLEIGHT was one of two Graduate Schools of Research (EUR) selected by the French National Agency for Research in November 2017. It has just been launched on the Manufacture campus in Saint-Étienne.

The MANUTECH-SLEIGHT Graduate School of Research (Light-surface engineering, health and society) is a developmental project coordinated by the Université de Lyon and managed by the Université Jean Monnet.

The project was selected in October 2017 during the call for projects for the third Investments for the Future Program (PIA3) led by Florence Garrelie, director of the Hubert Curien Laboratory (UJM/CNRS/IOGS). This program will receive funding of €6.3 million from the National Agency for Research (ANR) and implemented over a 10-year period.

Khaled Bouabdallah, President of the Université de Lyon, was present for the inauguration, and congratulated the EUR stakeholders, and wished the project great success.

Michèle Cottier, President of the Université Jean Monnet, then gave a speech insisting on the collective vision and multidisciplinary approach taken by this EUR.

The MANUTECH-SLEIGHT EUR aims to become a world-renowned graduate school in the field of light-surface engineering thanks to its multidisplinary approach: optics-photonics, materials science, mechanics, imaging and computer science.

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