Opening of the art installation in the atrium of the Quais university center

On The April 1, 2019

On Monday, April 1, 2019, the Université de Lyon, the Académie de Lyon, the Université Lumière Lyon 2, the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and the Crous de Lyon unveiled Franck Scurti’s artistic work, “Fire at full moon revisited 2018”.

Following an introduction to the work by Khaled Bouabdallah, the President of the Université de Lyon, the Lézartgaco organization provided an artistic interlude. This organization was founded by students from the GACO Arts program at the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3.

The artist attended the opening ceremony, which kicked off the Campus Arts Festival that ran from April 2 to 4 as part of the JACES (Arts and Culture in Higher Education Days).


While building the Quais university center (PUQ) on the grounds of the former Saint Luc Saint Joseph hospital, the Board of Education and the Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 agreed to support a shared Artistic 1% project at the site.

The artist Franck Scurti was selected to adorn the PUQ’s Atrium with his work, “Fire at Full Moon Revisited 2018”. This living painting is a reinterpretation of “Fire at Full Moon”, a 1933 painting by Paul Klee, which has been reproduced on the risers of the stands in the central plaza. Franck Scurti added sculptures of the moon and red cross shapes from the painting.