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Signature of the CNRS site agreement: for a shared scientific policy

On The June 26, 2018

On June 26, the Université de Lyon signed a site agreement with the CNRS alongside its members and CPE Lyon. This five-year agreement formalizes the commitments of higher education and research institutions in Lyon Saint-Étienne within the framework of a collaborative research policy in the region.

The CNRS and the higher education institutions are spearheading and co-supervising about a hundred laboratories within the Lyon and Saint-Étienne urban centers. Every five years, all partners redefine their aims and strategies for a shared scientific policy.

The agreement signed on June 26, 2018 includes a reminder of the importance of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, “the second French site, after Paris-Saclay, in terms of human resources, the leading site in engineering sciences, (…) and one of the top three in the fields of biology, the humanities and social sciences, and chemistry”.

In this agreement, the Université de Lyon and the signatories commit to confer to allocate human and financial resources to the CNRS laboratories co-managed by at least one higher education institution. Its primary aim is to support the site’s scientific strategy, though the agreement also mentions additional aims, such as simplifying its administration, supporting staff mobility, international development, etc.