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The Université de Lyon awards an Honorary Doctorate to Professor Vernon Smith, Nobel Prize laureate in economics

On The November 6, 2018

On Tuesday, November 6, during the Economy Days (JÉCO), the Université de Lyon awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Vernon Smith, the 2002 Economic Sciences Nobel Prize laureate for his research in experimental economics.

Professor Vernon Smith receives the honorific title of Doctor Honoris Causa

The Université de Lyon decided to honor Professor Vernon Smith’s work, which received a 2002 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa at the Université de Lyon during the JÉCO event.

Professor Vernon Smith is acclaimed for his scientific research in the economics of “natural resources”, and is considered to be one of the founding fathers of “experimental” economics.

During the gala dinner held during the Economy Days, a yearly event which brings together world-renowned economists in Lyon and encourages debate and discussion, Khaled Bouabdallah, President of the Université de Lyon, awarded this honorific title at the Hôtel de Ville de Lyon in attendance of Gérard Collomb, the mayor of Lyon.