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The Université de Lyon signs a declaration of intent with Mitacs (Canada)

On The July 16, 2019

Alliance Canada

A declaration of intent was signed with Mitacs (Canada) on July 16 at the Université de Lyon (UdL) by Jacques Comby, Vice President of International Strategy at the UdL and Alejandro Adem, Chief Executive and Scientific Director of Mitacs. This aims to support and promote research and training partnerships between the UdL and Canada.

Signing the declaration of intent is part of the efforts being made by the Université de Lyon to boost scientific partnerships with Canada. Strongly geared towards the Quebec universities historically, the Lyon Saint-Étienne academic site has committed to expanding its relationships with other Canadian universities, and counts the University of Ottawa among its strategic partners. On January 29, 2019, it became home to the new joint branch of the CNRS – Université de Lyon in Canada, thus emphasizing the willingness of different players to converge research and training activities.

This declaration of intent between the UdL and Mitacs and its implementation will boost exchange visits from students, PhD students and teacher-researchers involved in research partnerships supported jointly by partner universities and French and Canadian funders.

In order to consolidate the work undertaken by the UdL in Canada in the field of innovation, the Université de Lyon and Mitacs, supported by member institutions, are both committed to supporting and promoting future collaboration.

Future discussions will need to be held to develop an agreement formalizing mobility within the framework of the Globalink and Accelerate International programs.

*Mitacs is a national not-for-profit organization that sees itself as an organization that contributes to mobility, research and professional training projects for students, post-doctorates and teacher-researchers. Together with 60 universities and thousands of businesses as well as the federal and provincial governments, Mitacs’ main goal is to support industrial and social innovation in Canada. Several agreements have been established in France by Mitacs with other organizations and/or universities (for example: MESRI/Campus France or Université de Bordeaux).