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They make the Université de Lyon: meet Anne Delos

On The May 3, 2019

The Université de Lyon met with Anne Delos, who founded the Ma friche urbaine company, and whose project was incubated as part of the Student Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E) in the Beelys PEPITE, the Université de Lyon’s center supporting young entrepreneurs.

Expertise and real-world experience

Ma friche urbaine was born of work in the field. I worked for twenty years as an environmental advisor,” explains Anne Delos, the founder of the start-up company from Lyon.

“During this time, I realized that reconverting wastelands takes time, sometimes even years. The location remains fallow for this period... So why not temporarily host young entrepreneurs who are just getting started, or organizations that need headquarters? It is a way to use the sites.”

Starting from this idea, Ma friche urbaine evolved into a collective that plays matchmaker between the owner or developer of the site and project leaders or local inhabitants. Last year, the collective worked with Alter’Incub (an incubator specializing in social innovation) and Beelys, which introduced it to the main players of urban development in Lyon. “Receiving support from these two organizations helped us plant roots both in the social and solidarity economy, and in the academic field,” said Anne Delos.

“It is essential to adopt a scientific approach to analyze the impact our projects have on social inclusion, the economy and the environment.”

These high standards are not surprising coming from this researcher, who has a doctorate in geology and is specialized in natural radioactivity. As a citizen, she is also mindful of asking local players about their needs before launching the project, and of including job seekers, etc.