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They make the Université de Lyon: meet Didier Chavanon

On The May 7, 2019

We met with Didier Chavanon, alumnus of the Digital Transformation University Diploma program.

Please introduce yourself in a few words.

I am 55 years old and I have completed three different educational programs, covering electronics, marking, the sale of industrial products and services, management and business administration. I have a passion for innovation and 30 years of experience launching innovative products and services, including 20 as an employee and 10 as an entrepreneur and business creator. Throughout my career, I have worked in the areas of Information Technology (IT) and the environment. I have spent the past three years supporting start-ups and developing businesses through innovation and digital transformation.

Why did you decide to continue your education in the Digital Transformation University Diploma (DU) program?

There were several reasons I chose to continue my education in the Digital Transformation DU program:

I no longer had the required skills or knowledge to assist some small and medium-size companies (SMEs) and start-ups in the IT field. I have a curious personality and I wanted to gain a better understanding of what “digital transformation” means and understand its impact more precisely.

I also wanted to learn the requisite tools so I could help deploy them within organizations. I wanted to work with larger companies and offer them wider-scale digital transformation solutions than what I had been doing up until that point. I was deeply driven to help employees develop their skills so they could rise to the challenge of digital transformation. During my career, I always have found a way to achieve my goals, and this program was the most effective action I could take to meet the challenges I had set for myself when starting or completing a new activity, and to maintain my employability.

In practice, what did this innovative educational program at the Université de Lyon bring you?

The program perfectly met my expectations. It gave me the digital technology, methodological, marketing and strategy skills I needed to understand what digital transformation is and what impact it has on companies. Additionally, the educational methods used in lectures, themed lectures and internships in companies provide a cross-cutting picture of digital transformation in order to adopt even more effective practices. This program gave me the keys I needed to “learn to learn” easily through the digital tools available on the Internet, tutorials, etc. I no longer dread using new software.

Once I had acquired the requisite skills to work for consulting firms and digital service companies, one of them contacted me directly. This company, which specializes in industrial performance, was looking for someone to run the new technologies advisory center to support its customers with Industry 4.0. After a number of discussions with the leaders of the company, I have been working at the company since November.