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They make the Université de Lyon: meet Youssef Arrai

On The March 6, 2020

The Université de Lyon met with Youssef Arrai, an alumnus of the March 2019 Digital Transformation University Diploma graduating class.

Tell us about your journey before enrolling in the Digital Transformation University Diploma.

As a trained engineer, I graduated from the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences. After completing an end-of-study internship at EDF and obtaining my engineering degree, I studied information systems management at the SUPINFO university in Lyon. As part of these studies, I had the opportunity to work at Vetools as an apprentice. And it was through this work-study training program that I discovered the Digital Transformation University Diploma. Many students from the second graduating class were already working on their business project with the company. I met many students and tutors who told me a lot about the Digital Transformation University Diploma training program. That’s when I realized that this program would allow me to take a step back from my technical skills and gain experience in digitally transforming businesses.

In practice, what did you gain from this program? What stood out the most for you?

The training program helped me to better understand project management within a company and taught me how to coordinate a group or a team. It also allowed me to familiarize myself with the current digital environment.

What I liked about the Digital Transformation University Diploma is the fact that the syllabus is based on the current market situation and reality. I also liked the fact that the training program was divided between classroom sessions and working on projects within the company. This allowed me to put my knowledge acquired in the classroom into practice in the field. The company projects were also very interesting, since they were extremely varied. I did mine with the Métropole de Lyon. This project allowed me to understand how local authorities operate and helped me expand my network. I really enjoyed the group work, which was very rewarding. As three students with different academic paths, backgrounds and skills, we complemented each other very well.

What are you doing now?

I now work for a consulting company, Astek, whose main client is ENGIE. I work as a Database Administrator consultant. I was offered this position while I was still studying for my Digital Transformation University Diploma. So I started a few months after graduation. This new position allows me to use the technical skills I acquired as part of my engineering degree, as well as the skills I acquired as part of my Digital Transformation University Diploma, such as management and coordination.