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HUBLO Festival, a festival for Young Entrepreneurs

Le 23 May 2019
Le 23 May 2019

We may not know what the future holds, but the people who will build it will be at the HUBLO Festival in Lyon, at la Sucrière on May 23, 2019. You have a taste for adventure and personal growth by exploring new spaces. You break rules and conventions. If entrepreneurship is your life, HUBLO is the festival for you.

HUBLO Festival – running ahead of tomorrow

Come and discover an acre filled with booths just for you:

  • The “Innovation.s” space: because innovation should be thought of in plural form, as a way to combine knowledge in new ways. Discover all forms of innovation: new practices, new social models, cutting-edge technology... Entrepreneurs and experts will explain how they captivate their market.
  • The “Living in harmony” space: because entrepreneurship is about ensuring that we all live better lives, and living in harmony is a crucial aspect of this! It is commonly said that “entrepreneurs can make the world a better place”... Here, entrepreneurs and experts suggest starting with changing yourself.
  • The “Impact” space: to learn to see beyond a project’s growth metrics and appreciate its transformative potential. This is what the entrepreneurs at Impact have successfully done. Whether they think globally and act locally, or act globally but think locally, they reconcile different worlds and find meaning in their work.
  • The “Investors” space: these investors have a deep passion for entrepreneurs and their stories. This is a space to meet them and come up with ways to support their project. They will share their expertise and advice with as many people as possible in this space.
  • The “Workshop” space: to create visibility, share, test, experience, learn from others’ experiences.... These are some of the goals that every entrepreneur should work towards with creativity, innovation and prototyping to take a pragmatic approach to growth. Our “doers” are available to all.