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How to submit a research project?

Steps for submitting a research project

Step #1
Determine whether my project falls within the range of the CER-UdL

Source: French Federation of CERs (FR)

Before making a request for research assessment from an Ethics Research Committee, you need to make sure that your research does not fall within the scope of a CPP ("comité de protection des personnes") under the Jardé law. This is known as protocol qualification (CER vs. CPP). As a general rule, any research involving the human person and intended to enhance medical or biological knowledge is considered to be human subject research (RIPH - "recherche impliquant la personne humaine") and must be referred to a CPP. Research involving the human person but not aimed at broadening medical or biological knowledge is not considered to be RIPH and is not legally bound to refer to a CPP.

In order to determine whether your research does indeed require submission to a CPP, you can carry out the self-qualification questionnaire from the Federation of CERs (Université de Reims). This questionnaire will provide you with an initial indication of qualification – subject to caution, however, due to the gray areas of the Jardé law.

  • Should the answers refer you to a CPP, please contact the CPP of your choosing.
    The rest of this procedure does not concern you.
  • If the questionnaire results refer you to a CER, you can move on to the next stage of this procedure for submission to the CER-UdL.

If in any doubt, please contact the team at CER-UdL using the following address

Step #2
Draft the project summary based on the CER-UdL template

A template is available for you to submit your research project to the CER-UdL.

Download the complete set of documents required for submission (FR)

Step #3
Gather all the necessary documents

Documents to be provided for submission to the CER-UdL

  1. Research project summary | see column on the right
  2. Information brief | see column on the right
  3. Consent form | see column on the right
  4. Compliance with the regulations on data protection | see column on the right

Step #4
Submit my research project

When you have drafted the research protocol and gathered the necessary documents, you can submit your request on the dedicated CER-UdL platform.

Submit a project file to CER-UdL

Any incomplete requests will not be reviewed in a plenary session

The project initiator may be heard in a plenary session if necessary.
Please note: once requested, the research cannot begin without the agreement of the Research Ethics Committee, and therefore before having followed the submission protocol.

Upcoming dates of plenary sessions

All CER-UdL plenary sessions are full for the 2023/24 academic year.


2024/2025 university year

29/08/2024 | 2024 introductory session, not open for submission

19/09/2024 | Submissions open until: 19/08/2024

10/10/2024 | Submissions open until: 10/09/2024

14/11/2024 | Submissions open until: 14/10/2024

12/12/2024 | Submissions open until: 12/11/2024