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Governance and bodies

4 decision-making bodies


Governing Board (CA)

The Governing Board determines the Université de Lyon's policies. It has 44 members: representatives of member institutions, qualified individuals, representatives of businesses, regional authorities and organizations, teacher-researchers, teacher and researcher representatives, representatives of other staff and student representatives.
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Board of Members

The Board of Members include representatives of the 12 member institutions. They are involved in the preparation of work and the implementation of decisions made by the Governing Board.
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Academic Council

The Academic Council is an advisory body composed of 99 members from the Université de Lyon's member institutions. The Academic Council can express wishes related to the orientation of policies in training, research, the dissemination of scientific culture and documentation. It advises shared projects.

Strategic Orientation Council (COS)

It belongs to the Université de Lyon and the Fondation pour l'Université de Lyon. It advises the Université de Lyon's main strategic orientation.
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The UdL's governance

Temporary Administrator

Stéphane Martinot, in the capacity of temporary administrator of the Université de Lyon.


Composed of nine directors from member institutions, it supports the President of the Université de Lyon with his duties.
  • Frédéric FLEURY, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • Nathalie DOMPNIER, Université Lumière Lyon 2
  • Éric CARPANO, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
  • Florent PIGEON, Université Jean Monnet
  • Frank DEBOUCK, École Centrale de Lyon
  • Pascal AUSCHER, CNRS
  • Jean-François PINTON, ENS de Lyon
  • Frédéric FOTIADU, INSA Lyon


Investments for the Future Program
Director: Jean-François Pinton
Coordinator: Agnès Gahigi

Vice Presidents

They are elected from the Board of Members from the member institutions by the Governing Board, and preside over boards concerning the institution's major focal areas.
  • Vice President of academic strategy:
    Frédéric Fleury
  • Vice President of culture, science and society, the dissemination of knowledge and life-long learning:
    Nathalie Dompnier
  • Vice President of international strategy:
    Jacques Comby
  • Vice President of company partnerships:
    Frank Debouck
  • Vice President of innovation and entrepreneurship:
    Éric Maurincomme
  • Vice President of policies in documentation, publishing and student life: 
    to be nominated
  • Vice President of digital technology and information systems:
    Jean-Baptiste Lesort

Student Vice Presidents

  • Student Vice President from the Academic Council:
    to be nominated
  • Student Vice President from the Governing Board:
    to be nominated