The Student Initiative Fund (FIE) of the Université de Lyon

The Université de Lyon is calling for projects aiming to revitalize community life and support the many forms of student engagement, by encouraging the development of talent, creativity and innovation whilst promoting services provided for institutions and students, and fostering links between associations and institutions.

Because learning is not confined to the classroom, the Université de Lyon also supports the personal commitments of students and their engagement as citizens and members of the community. The Student Initiative Fund (FIE) was therefore established in 2016 to encourage students in Lyon/Saint-Étienne to get involved in community life by supporting local projects and initiatives for students.

The key principles of FIE

Who can carry out a project?

Projects may be carried out by student associations which are recognized both legally and by the Université de Lyon or its member and associated institutions.

What types of project can be proposed?

Projects should, in particular, meet the Université de Lyon's goals for student life and common interest, and involve inter-university cooperation. They may relate to any subject.

For example:

  • Initiatives in the fields of culture, health, sport, sustainable development, solidarity, volunteering, etc.
  • Initiatives aiming to improve university life (welcoming new students, activities on campus, including and supporting disabled students, etc.)
  • Communication initiatives (organizing discussion groups, opportunities to meet professionals...) or information initiatives (colloquiums, conferences, etc.).
NB: initiatives relating to student citizenship, e.g. projects that mobilize and integrate peers and improve participation in institutional life, will be especially considered during evaluation of the submitted projects.

Criteria of the FIE

Eligibility criteria for the application file

  • Proposals
    The project must be carried out by one or several associations from member or associated institutions of the Université de Lyon. It must be intended for all students from all institutions at the site.
  • The application file is duly completed and all required administrative documents are submitted.
  • The submission of a detailed and well-balanced budget estimate, which clearly indicates any other funding partners and the received/requested sums.
  • Projects must be submitted before the initiative is carried out: all projects for which the initiative will have already taken place before they are authorized will not be considered.

Eligibility criteria for the projects

  • Feasibility: consideration of the technical, administrative, legal and financial conditions under which the project will be carried out.
  • The partnership: consideration of the rationale behind the partnerships involved (their nature and cash value).
  • Co-funding is strongly encouraged, by one or several public and/or private partners (UdL's institutions, local and regional authorities, CROUS, businesses, etc.).
  • The projects must first and foremost benefit the Université de Lyon's student community and benefit as many students as possible.
  • The positive impact it will have on the Université de Lyon, its institutions and their students.

Exclusion criteria

  • Projects as part of studies outside a student engagement scheme.
  • Study trips.
  • Projects which result in funds being disbursed to other associations.
  • Integration weekends, galas, festive parties, etc.
  • Projects with proselytizing intentions, in relation to politics or religion.
  • Training programs from member associations, sectoral projects, the CEVPU.

Maximum funding

- Standard FIE: potential funding of up to €7,500, not exceeding 50% of the project budget;

- Theme FIE: potential funding of up to €9,000, not exceeding 70% of the project budget.

The FIE in video