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Coming to Lyon and Saint-Étienne for your PhD

A PhD provides professional research experience, enabling students to reach the highest qualification level in France, a doctoral degree, usually within 3 years.

Undertaking your PhD in France

Funding your PhD

National and regional funding programs

Doctoral contracts

Doctoral contracts are work contracts, for a fixed term of 3 years, signed between the PhD student and a public higher education and research institution or a public research institute.

The industrial convention for training through research (CIFRE)

The CIFRE scheme brings together three partners in a research project: a company, a PhD student and a research laboratory. The PhD student is employed by the company for a minimum of 3 years under private law.

Temporary teaching and research associate (ATER)

A PhD student can take on this role during the final year of their doctorate (or for up to three years if he or she is a civil servant or trainee civil servant).

To view other sources of funding please see the guide for PhD students

Funding programs dedicated to international PhD students

Eiffel Excellence grants

Eiffel Excellence grants were established by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Eiffel grants are awarded for a maximum of ten months. The allowance is around 1,400 euros per month.

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Grants from the China Scholarship Council (CSC)

The Université de Lyon has an agreement with the China Scholarship Council to provide grants enabling Chinese students to undertake their PhDs in laboratories in the Université de Lyon's institutions. Around thirty grants are awarded each year.

The China Scholarship Council also has bilateral agreements with 3 institutions of the Université de Lyon: l’ENS de Lyon, l’INSA Lyon et l’École Centrale de Lyon.

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Grants from international institutions, foundations and research organizations

A number of private institutions offer grant programs to help PhD students study abroad.

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