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The Université de Lyon was one of the first Communities of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ComUE) in France to create a Disability Team (Mission Handicap).

The Université de Lyon works in complementarity with the disability teams and officers in its institutions by promoting their welcome policy for disabled students, getting involved in interdisciplinary projects, interfacing with external partners and creating common tools.

Since 2005, the Université de Lyon has rallied together to welcome and support students with disabilities. This policy has been demonstrated by promoting the exchange of practices and sharing of experiences between member institutions, leading collaborative study courses and developing supportive partnerships.

All these approaches have built a bridge between secondary education and university, to help pupils with disabilities progress to higher education. These relationships, forged with the Académie de Lyon, have led to a steady increase in the number of students with disabilities attending our institutions and the strengthening of their qualifications (+20% each year).

Services for students with disabilities

Our universities and higher education institutions are particularly attentive when it comes to disabilities. Throughout the year, our higher education institutions work to support students and to ensure the successful completion of their studies by providing individualized educational facilities and services. The aim is to enable each student to build a professional project that reflects their own personal ambitions. Students have access to special facilities, support, online guides, and dedicated teams to help them throughout their educational and professional careers.

The road to higher education (Cap vers l’enseignement supérieur): how to apply and who to contact

• Apply to a university or higher education institution/Your points of contact:
Download the “Cap vers l'enseignement supérieur” booklet (FR)

This booklet lists useful contacts and initial training offers. It is a practical tool for everyone: students with disabilities, secondary school professors and staff members, families, organizations, etc.

It provides a list of the courses offered by each Université de Lyon member institution, as well as the contact details of the disability advisors and the internship and professional integration correspondents.

Once you have registered, you will be contacted by a disability advisor or a disability center, who will help you throughout your training and ensure that your studies run smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact them!

Useful documents

If you need additional information or support, please contact Sabine Acquier, National Education Psychologist/CIO Lyon Est: sabine.acquier@ac-lyon.fr / https://lyon-est.cio.ac-lyon.fr

Crous de Lyon: welcoming students with disabilities

Studies, financial aid, accommodation, food, transport, campus life, disability advisors, etc. Whatever their difficulties, the Crous supports students with disabilities on a daily basis to enable them to follow their training and their student life in the best conditions.

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Links and resources

There are a number of organizations and services that can help you with your procedures.

Directory of organizations located in the Lyon academic site

Droit au savoir | An inter-community group that helps young people with disabilities find employment, made up of 31 organizations. Its aim is to promote and support post-high school education and vocational training for young people with disabilities. http://droitausavoir.asso.fr

Departmental centers for disabled people (MDPH - Maisons départementales des personnes handicapées sur le site académique Lyon Saint-Étienne)


    Arpejeh’s mission is to promote training, qualifications and employment for young people with disabilities by helping students between the ages of 15 and 30 plan for their future careers and find employment. ► www.arpejeh.com
    For further information on the organization for the social and professional reintegration of people with disabilities, and to view the job listings, please visit ► www.ladapt.net
  • Leading network of entrepreneurs in France (Mouvement des entreprises de France – MEDEF)
    Created by the MEDEF Lyon Rhône, the Club Handi + is a link between companies and candidates with disabilities.
    It features internships, jobs and work-study programs.
    Please visit the web page for more information