Embracing all talents

The Université de Lyon was one of the first Communities of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ComUE) in France to create a Disability Team (Mission Handicap).

The Université de Lyon works in complementarity with the disability teams and officers in its institutions by promoting their welcome policy for disabled students, getting involved in interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with external partners and creating common tools.

Since 2005, the Université de Lyon has rallied together to welcome and support students with disabilities. This policy has been demonstrated by promoting the exchange of practices and the sharing of experience between member institutions, leading collaborative study courses and developing supportive partnerships.

These approaches have built a bridge between secondary education and university, to help pupils with disabilities progress to higher education. These links, which have been developed with the Académie de Lyon, have enabled the number of students with disabilities in our institutions to continually increase, thus strengthening their skills (20% increase in students each year).

Disability schemes in our institutions

Our universities and higher education institutions are particularly aware of the requirements of students with disabilities. Throughout the year, our higher education institutions strive to support students and ensure that their studies run smoothly by providing teaching facilities adapted to each individual. We aim to allow students to choose and build a career plan in keeping with their personal goals. Students have access to special facilities, benefits, online help and teams which will welcome and support them throughout their educational and professional career.

Enrolling at a university or higher education institution: The "path to higher education" booklet

This booklet lists all the useful contacts and training opportunities. It is a practical tool for everyone: students with disabilities, teachers and staff in secondary education, families, associations, etc.
For every member institution of the Université de Lyon, it lists teaching opportunities, contact details for disability officers, as well as relevant work placements and employment opportunities.
► Booklet "The path to higher education" (Autumn 2019 version)

The Travelscope guide - Studying abroad

Studying abroad is particularly enriching, and a disability should not hinder this opportunity. To get all the information needed to arrange and prepare for your study abroad program, please see our online Travelscope guide.
The guide lets you browse by country of destination, city, and then higher education institution. For each entry, it lists general guidance so you can find concrete answers for all practical and administrative queries.
Travelscope complements the services and sites dedicated to student mobility between institutions.
► Visit the Travelscope site: http://travelscope.universite-lyon.fr

Further general information about traveling abroad can be found in the "Studying abroad" section

Links and resources

There are associations and services to support you every step of the way.


Droit au savoir | An inter-association collective bringing together 31 associations to help young disabled people enter into employment. Its aim is to promote and support the education of over 16s and the professional training of young people with disabilities.

Associations working in Lyon's academic institutions:
  • APF - French Association for Paralyzed Individuals
    Contact: Mrs. Cécile ALARD - Tel: 04 72 43 01 01
  • ANPEA - National association of parents of visually impaired children with or without associated disabilities
    Contact: Mrs. Nathalie MIGNONAT - Tel: 04 78 01 25 64
  • ARIES - Regional association for integrating deaf children
    Contact: Mr. Didier VOITA - Tel: 06 10 84 45 55
  • FIDEC - Physical therapy and integration of visually impaired individuals
    Contact: Mrs. Florence DI FALCO - Tel: 04 72 73 22 10
  • UNAFAM - National Union for the friends and family of individuals with physical illnesses
    Contact: Mrs. Sylvie GRATELOUP - Tel: 04 78 68 70 33
  • OVE - Œuvre des villages d'enfants
    OVE listens to the needs of children, teenagers and young adults with disabilities and those in very difficult situations.
    Personalized accessibility and support. Contact: Mr. Philippe MORTEL - Tel: 04 72 07 42 00 - www.ove.asso.fr


    Find out more about this association for the social and professional rehabilitation of people with disabilities, as well as an Employment section at http://www.ladapt.net
    Promotes the employment of disabled individuals in SMEs.
    Contact: Mrs Gaëlle DANCOURT - gaelle.dancourt@cgpme69.org
    Created by the MEDEF (Movement of French Enterprises) in Lyon Rhône, the Handi+ club makes connections between companies and candidates with disabilities.
    It offers opportunities for work placements, employment or internships.
    Contact: Nadia BELALA - nadia.belala@medeflyonrhone.com