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Porte des Alpes: the future campus

A new ambition has been defined for the Portes des Alpes campus. For several years now, it has been undergoing renovations and construction of new buildings on a large scale, and the future of the campus as a whole is being planned.

The Plan for the urban and landscaping campus transformation is being conducted by an urban contractor group, led by the uapS agency (architecture and urban planning), after its approval by the Université Lumière Lyon 2 and the partners of the project (the government, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the city of Lyon, the Crous de Lyon, the cities of Bron and Saint-Priest), in March 2017.

The first global study of the project also involved the company, Sytral, students, organizations, administrative staff, teachers, and researchers, in order to fully integrate the campus in its landscape and strengthen its identity as a “nature-centered campus”, which provides a fresh living environment for its users and confers the image of a “campus as an attractive place to live”.

The campus transformation project extends beyond the scope of the university. It also means building relationships with its “neighbors” (the Lads and Bron Parilly neighborhoods, the shopping center, etc.), which will also undergo changes in coming years.

At an operational level, these transformations involve building large university facilities, changing the nature of public spaces and thinking about the different uses of the site and the rhythms that govern them.

The project's ambition

1. A Nature-centered campus

This project aims to ensure the Porte des Alpes campus becomes an extension of the Parilly park and Feuilly forest, both in terms of landscaping and its ecology. Nature should become a key aspect of the campus’ identity and increase its attractiveness.

A strong sustainable development strategy is being implemented during the campus transformation as part of an ambitious approach to ecological transition.

2. The campus as an attractive place to live


Transforming the campus also involves improving the quality of life in Porte des Alpes:
  • Better studying conditions and more comfortable buildings;
  • A more welcoming campus for all;
  • A more intense life: with classes, nightlife and week-end activities;
  • More services and diversity: a health center, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.


The buildings on the campus have been undergoing renovations for several years. The project is restoring or demolishing older buildings and building new ones to create a more comfortable experience for users, with better heating, better furniture, and a fast and reliable WiFi network, etc.

The new campus amenities will also help it become more inclusive and welcoming. It will become more open to the inhabitants of local neighborhoods, with new services (a bar, shops, etc.), cultural events, etc. It is also in the process of becoming more accessible to people with all types of disabilities. Community life, student initiatives, daytime and evening cultural events will be developed and promoted.

Beginning in 2022, students will live on-campus year-round, which will help make it a more vibrant place in the evenings and on weekends. The possibility of building a health center is being studied, as well as additional services (bars/restaurants, bakeries/grocery stores, recycling shops, sports facilities, coworking spaces, etc.).

The future

By 2021, the urban and landscaping changes will have reached three main milestones:
  • Building a Learning Center
    In order to enhance the campus, a Learning Center will replace the current University Library, which will bring together university services that were previously offered in separate locations. By 2021, the aim is to make this an iconic change and the heart of the campus, leading the way for new student habits and educational initiatives. Specialized spaces will be offered: reading rooms, group work rooms, conference rooms, educational spaces, career guidance, professional integration, co-working spaces, exhibition halls, etc.
  • 700 student housing rooms and associated services on campus
    The housing project aims to build 700 new student rooms (beds) on campus starting in 2022. These future student housing buildings will offer attractive ways of life (studios, apartments for roommates, hives), as well as attractive features, with large shared spaces, services and shops on the ground floor of the buildings. They will also be environmentally friendly, designed to create a friendly atmosphere and promote solidarity.
  • New public spaces and road networks at the south end of the campus for easier access to the new housing, designed with mass transit in mind.