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'Mediation between Science and Society' training program

Universal access to knowledge is only possible thanks to the existence of a true collective campaign to make science open to civil society. It relies on the mobilization of students, scientists and regional stakeholders. But knowing how to communicate to the general public, as well as to your peers, about complex and specific work requires preparation. In this respect, the Université de Lyon promotes reflection on the tools which should be put in place, organizes work groups and initiates new training programs...

Doctoral programs

These are offered to PhD students from all scientific disciplines at the Université de Lyon as part of interdisciplinary vocational programs.

Communication and mediation in science: how should you present your research to the public?

Developing the capacity to communicate your research work to the general public by adapting your language, understanding the challenge of communicating to different types of people and discovering different methods of communication and mediation - 35 hours
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Communicating your research to everyone: my thesis in 180 seconds. Or how can you perfect your oral communication techniques? - 27 hours

This training program aims to teach students how to present their research work in 3 minutes. It draws primarily on fun training exercises in communication and theatrical improvisation with the help of professional actors.
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Training program for meetups between lycée students and PhD students

Proving that the path you take during the three years before your Baccalaureate and the three years after depends on the stakeholders you meet directly along the way. The Université de Lyon therefore offers advice to PhD students about meeting lycée students.
This training program is eligible with the "PhD engagement" scheme
Contact: Isabelle Bonardi
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FMédiasciences training program

To accompany the Science Shop, projects, all students involved will benefit from a training module aiming to facilitate "intercultural" communication between the various project stakeholders and promote collaborative work.