A major real estate investment project to showcase the University in all its splendor

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Selected as part of the national program "Opération Campus", Lyon Cité Campus is a major project redesigning and modernizing the Université de Lyon's real estate.


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  • Présentation de Lyon Cité Campus
    Présentation de Lyon Cité Campus
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    Projet de réhabilitation de l'ENS de Lyon
  • Projet de réhabilitation du campus LyonTech la Doua
    Projet de réhabilitation du campus LyonTech la Doua

A real estate strategy to enhance the attractiveness of the campus

Launched in 2008, Lyon Cité Campus is a vast renovation program for the university which features amongst 12 projects selected by the French Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Research as part of "Opération Campus".

Two campuses have been chosen::
  • The Charles Mérieux campus which comprises 3 university sites: Quais Berthelot, Gerland and Lyon Sud,
  • The LyonTech-la Doua campus.
Organized into around thirty operations, the project involves redeveloping the university's real estate and constructing new buildings.
It has two objectives:
  • To strengthen the synergy between training programs, research and innovation to improve economic development,
  • To improve the university environment for welcoming students, research teams and companies.

Taking back control of the university buildings and making them sustainable

The project addresses the challenges of energy sobriety with some very ambitious goals to reduce energy consumption, particularly at the older university sites::
  • By 20 to 25% in the historical Quais Berthelot site,
  • By 20 to 30% in Gerland,
  • Heat savings of 40% in LyonTech-la Doua.
Beyond investing in redevelopment and building new assets, Lyon Cité Campus will ensure the sustainability of the buildings through an unparalleled maintenance and upkeep strategy.

The quality of student life is central to the project

Because the quality of students' living and working conditions are key factors for the success of their studies, the Université de Lyon is implementing an ambitious policy for improving the living conditions of students, with equal access to all services (accommodation, catering, sports, etc.) on every campus.
The Lyon Cité Campus project therefore has plans to build 1,600 new social housing spaces for students and to redevelop the university's halls of residence.