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The 2018-2019 "Sécurité Sociale" reform for students

You already were a student in 2017-2018

The so-called “student” health insurance scheme will no longer exist after August 31, 2019. Until now, students were covered by their own specific health insurance scheme, called the “régime étudiant”. Every student enrolled in a higher education institution was automatically affiliated with a specialized organization: the LMDE or the SMERRA.

Beginning in the 2018 academic year, this scheme will begin to be discontinued: students will be covered by the general health insurance scheme and connected to the CPAM.

All of the details provided on this health portal are up-to-date and consistent with this reform.

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If you were a student in 2017-2018 and you are continuing your education in 2018-2019, you will remain affiliated with your student health mutual. However, you will not need to send an application for it and the €217 annual membership fee will be waived.