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Students Welcome Desk F.A.Q.

International students, you will find below the most frequently asked questions about the procedures relating to visas, residence permits and paperless procedures.

Updated 22/07/2021


I can’t find my Visa number or my Foreign ID number

On the login page, next to the “identifiant” box, click on the question mark; you will see pictures of a Visa and a Residence Permit, the Visa number and Foreign ID numbers are circled in red.

I can’t submit my application to ANEF, what should I do?

1- If you are experiencing one of the following problems:
• You have entered the correct information and the platform informs you that the information entered is incorrect,
• You have a valid residence permit and the platform indicates that your permit expired more than six months ago,
• You have clicked on “forgotten password” to access your account but have not received an e-mail to reset your password.

These technical problems have already been reported to the ANEF platform technical support department.
While waiting for a response, we recommend that you:
  • Try to connect using different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer, etc.),
  • Try to connect using your smartphone,
  • Try to connect with your visa number (written on the visa that was stuck in your passport when you arrived in France) if your Foreign ID number (found on the right-hand side of your residence permit or on the confirmation documents that you received from the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) when you arrived in France) does not work, and vice versa;
  • Try to connect to the ANEF platform during off-peak hours (between 9 PM and 6 AM) when the site has fewer visitors.
2- I have managed to log into my account but I can’t submit my file:
  • Contact support services for the ANEF national platform on 0806 001 620,
  • Use the ANEF platform’s "Contact" form at the bottom left of the page. You can attach screenshots to explain your problem.
3- I cannot access my account:

If, despite this, you do not receive an answer within 3 weeks, go here to send your request to the Rhône Prefecture, select "Étudiant” as the reason.Given the current situation, it may take the Prefecture several weeks to process your request.Don't panic if your request takes a long time to process, this is normal.

I have a question about the decision returned by the Prefecture

If you would like more information about the decision returned in your case, you should contact the prefecture directly via this link: (contact form in French)


I need a receipt to stay here legally until my formalities are completed, what do I need to do?

Registration receipts are no longer issued when you apply online. The online application and registration process will provide you with several documents indicating that your application has been received and your file is being processed:

  •  Certificate of registration Download addendum (FR)
    This document proves that you have submitted an application for a Residence Permit. This will not speed up the response: therefore, it does not constitute proof of legal residence and does not entitle the holder to any rights associated with a legal stay.
  • Certificate of extension Download addendum (FR)
    This document can be used as a registration receipt: it justifies the continuation of all the rights granted by virtue of the residence permit previously held. If this permit allows the holder to engage in a professional activity, they may continue to do so for the duration of the certificate’s validity. It does not entitle the holder to any additional rights. This document allows the holder to travel through the Schengen area.
  • Favorable response certificate Download addendum (FR)
    This document proves that your application has been successful and that your residence permit will be issued shortly. The document indicates the duration of the permit that will be issued to you and the amount you will have to pay when the permit is issued.

Do the documents provided on the ANEF platform allow me to travel?

The certificate of extension received following a renewal application submitted to ANEF and the Favorable response certificate allow you:

  • To travel within the Schengen area;
  • To travel to your country of origin and return to France. (We recommend that you check with the consulate of the destination country and your airline regarding conditions of entry during the pandemic).


I haven’t yet received my proof of enrollment. Can I still apply for my residence permit to be renewed?

If you still haven’t received your registration certificate from the higher education institution where you will be studying during the upcoming academic year, you can attach a proof of pre-registration while waiting for the final registration. You will need to provide your final certificate of registration when you receive your residence permit. If you are a “programme de mobilité” student, you must also provide all the documents issued by the institution justifying that your studies are part of a mobility program within the European Union.

My documents need to be translated: how do I get them translated, who do I contact?

All documents submitted with your renewal application must be translated into French.These documents must be translated by a sworn translator: you can find a sworn translator through this link:

Online ID photos: where and how can I digitally attach photos in the right format?

You must provide a digital photo and signature when applying for your residence permit renewal online.

There are several places where you can get a digital passport photo: locate the nearest one using this link:

If you already have a digital photo and signature, simply fill in the “e-photo” number on your passport photo sheet when filling out your online application.

The e-photo code will be activated 2 hours or more after the photo has been taken. If the code is still not active after 2 hours, you will need to contact the photo booth customer service department and inform them of the e-photo code error. ANEF cannot resolve this problem, please do not contact the platform's technical support service. The e-photo is valid for 6 months and can only be used with a single administrative application.

I hold a professional license or a diploma at least equivalent to the Master's level & want to stay in the territory and apply for a “job search” residence permit

To be eligible for this RECE or APS residence permit, a diploma condition must be met - generally, you must hold a diploma entitled "vocational license" or a diploma at least equivalent to a Master's degree. This card allows you to stay in France and work there without restriction for a year in order to find a job or create a business related to your studies or research.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your nationality, you can apply for either a Provisional Residence Authorization (APS) or a RECE residence permit.
APS: only for nationals of these countries: Senegal, Gabon, Benin, Tunisia, Mauritius, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Lebanon, India.
RECE: for all other nationalities.

Information to detail to make this request:

• Identity and contact details (including a residential address in the Rhône department);
• Administrative situation in France (foreign number and information on your residence permit);
• Information on the diploma (the latter must be equivalent to a Master's degree or “professional license”). The final certificate of achievement is required in order to finalize the application).

Supporting documents to be provided:

documents must be scanned in PDF format. Photos of documents are not allowed. Documents must be translated into French by a sworn translator:

• Residence permit or long-stay visa equivalent to valid residence permit;
• Passport with page relating to identity (or failing that, other proof of nationality: consular certificate with photo, identity card, consular card);
• Proof of civil status (birth certificate or family record book or marriage certificate (if you are married)) showing filiation;
• Proof of address dated less than 6 months in your name (electricity, gas, internet bill, home insurance or non-handwritten rent receipt. Receipts between individuals are not accepted).

If you are hosted:
→ Certificate of accommodation dated and signed by your host (it must be dated less than 6 months, specify both the name of the host and the name of the host and be signed by the host);
→ Accompanied by the identity card or residence permit of your host (residence permit at the same address as the residence, national identity card or French or European passport);
→ As well as proof of residence of the host.

• Certificate of health insurance (the vital card does not constitute proof of admissible health insurance);
• If you are a researcher: diploma equivalent to the master's degree obtained during the year or certificate of completion of your research work if you are a researcher;
• In the event of business creation: any proof of a business creation project in a field corresponding to the training followed (presentation on free paper of the creation project, the business plan – if necessary the financial package , legal, fiscal and social and a multi-year provisional budget – or any other document likely to justify the project).


I have a Canadian “Working Holiday Visa”, what do I need to do?

If you have a Canadian “Working Holiday Visa”, you must contact the Prefecture directly:

I have an “stagiaire” residence permit, what do I need to do?

You must make an appointment to submit your application directly on the Rhône Prefecture’s website: