[PUBLICATION] The Life RECYCLO EU project launches its newsletter

On The March 22, 2023

Two years after the launch of the Life RECYCLO project, it is continuing its activities and its communication with the general public. Whether you are a laundry professional or user, curious about water conservation, or simply interested in science, subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with the project’s progress!

Life RECYCLO aims to offer improved water resource management for the laundry sector and to reduce the discharge of pollutants into the aquatic environment.This project is part of the European Commission’s LIFE program, which funds initiatives in the fields of the environment and the climate. It is supported by the Lyon-based company TreeWater, in partnership with the Université de Lyon’s Pop’Sciences program.


Technical achievements for RECYCLO in 2022

→ The first year of the project was focused on laboratory testing. The wastewater from each laundry was analyzed and characterized. Each laundry wastewater is unique, depending on the products used by the company and the origin of the fabrics washed. Water treatment process must therefore be tailored to each laundry.

→ A three-stage treatment process has been defined: a coagulation-flocculation pretreatment phase, an advanced oxidation phase and a final adsorption phase using activated carbon. These three steps were then tested in the laboratory using wastewater from the three laundries.

→ And this treatment has proven successful: it removes more than 90% of organic contaminants (DEHP, PBDE, nonyphenols, etc.). However, certain elements remain to be studied: the containment of the installations, the long-term performance of the recycling and the adaptation to certain specific compounds to be treated (such as salts).


In the RECYCLO newsletter

  1. See how the project has progressed
  2. Our findings from a survey of laundries and their users
  3. Life RECYCLO press review
  4. A look back at some of the events Life RECYCLO has taken part in
  5. Next steps in the project

Upcoming events

• March 29, 2023 | The INRAE’s REUSE Network Webinar
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• From June 26 to 29, 2023 | International Conference on Eco-Technologies (Gerona, Spain)
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