The Université de Lyon offers pupils from the Académie de Lyon the chance to meet young researchers. Throughout the day, they can talk to a series of PhD students from various disciplines.
The meetups are orientated towards lycée pupils from all years: second, first and final year.
PhD students from all disciplines will be present: experimental sciences (nanotechnology, biology, physiology, etc.) and human and social sciences (social psychology, architecture, language sciences, etc.)

What can you discuss with a PhD student?

  • Studies requiring to write a thesis and other training related to research;
  • Professionals who work alongside researchers and help them with their daily work: technicians, engineers and administration staff;
  • Aspects of daily work for a researcher: his/her daily life, experiences, discussions between peers, symposiums, publishing;
  • Their specific research topic: nanotechnology, criminal law, biology, language sciences, etc.;
  •  Choosing a course and questions about research: Can you do research if you study literature? How much does a researcher earn? Do researchers always find what they are looking for?