Published on November 26, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

International master's in acoustics

The Acoustics Master’s program provides education in many different fields, such as aeroacoustics, vibroacoustics, sound perception, ultrasound with applications for the environment, transportation and health care. The study program consists of theoretical teaching, digital and experimental work, projects carried out in partner laboratories and research training with over one semester spent in an internship in a laboratory or business in France or abroad. This program offers the possibility to work in a consultancy firm or a company's research and development department, or to carry out a doctoral thesis.


The Master’s in Acoustics (national diploma) draws on four internationally-renowned engineering schools, eight research laboratories of the Université de Lyon and a laboratory of excellence (LabEx): the Centre Lyonnais d’Acoustique (CeLyA).
The detailed curriculum is available on the Master’s program’s website. The first semester (S7) provides the scientific knowledge needed to complete the Master’s program, including the fundamentals of mechanics, physics and data processing, as well as an introduction to acoustics. The second semester (S8) is focused on acoustics and its context, with a practical application within an acoustics laboratory. In the third semester (S9), more advanced acoustics-specific courses are offered alongside courses focused on applications. Students can choose to specialize in their fields of interest. The final semester (S10) is focused on the MSc project, which may be done either in a research laboratory or in industry.


Master’s program candidates are accepted based on their academic record. They must have completed a 3-year degree, or have a Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree. The first year of the Master’s program is primarily open to students who have a degree in mechanics, physics and Electronics, Electrotechnology, Automatics (EEA), but all applications from motivated students will be considered. As classes are taught both in English and French, applicants must have a good level of understanding at least one of these two languages (spoken and written) and display interest in scientific communication in both languages. Admission to the first year of the Master’s program is decided by the Master’s program’s Pedagogical Committee after review of the application and conditional to the completion of the student’s current program (degree or Bachelor’s degree).


 The program can be tailored to the student’s professional aspirations thanks to the wide selection of elective courses (the complete list is available on the website) and the tutoring program.