Published on November 26, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

Master's in advanced mathematics

Through comprehensive and advanced training in fundamental mathematics, which starts off more general and becomes increasingly specialized, the Master's in Advanced Mathematics prepares students for their PhD studies and guides students towards professions in mathematical research and higher education.


First year Master’s

Students will complete their general mathematics training with four advanced classes, covering a wide range of topics (algebra, analysis, geometry, probability). They can then begin to specialize in the second semester by choosing from ten more specific classes (partial differential equations, elementary algebraic geometry, differential geometry, statistics, Riemann surfaces, set theory and model theory, introduction to numbers theory, stochastic processes). The choices are modular and in some cases, Master’s-level
courses from other departments within the ENS de Lyon (computer science and materials science) may also be accredited.

Second year Master’s

The second year is organized with specialties which change every year, enabling students to learn about contemporary areas of research. These specialties have been designed as standard routes, but students may build their own original and cross-disciplinary tracks by taking courses from several different specialties. Each year of study ends with a research internship (at least two months at the end of the first year, and four months at the end of the second year).


The Master’s program is open to students who have completed 180 or 240 ECTS or equivalent, conditional to a high degree of skill and motivation for work in higher education and research.