Published on November 26, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

Master's in ancient worlds

© Bénédicte Delignon

© Bénédicte Delignon

The Master's in Ancient Worlds offers multidisciplinary training in the sciences of Antiquity. It provides students with sound knowledge in a specialized field (archeology, ancient history or languages, literature and ancient civilizations) while introducing the fundamentals of other Ancient World disciplines and developing their ability to tackle cross-disciplinary issues related to Antiquity.


The Master’s in Ancient Worlds offers three different tracks:
  • Archeology;
  • Ancient History;
  • Languages, Literature and Ancient Civilizations (LLCA).

A multidisciplinary program

In the first semester of the Master’s program, students from all three tracks gain a common knowledge base and skill set, with complementary courses in languages, literature, history and archeology of ancient worlds. A crossdisciplinary, thematic and methodological seminar applies a
multidisciplinary approach, with several specialists lecturing on the same study topic. After completing any track of the Master’s program, students will be knowledgeable in the major periods, phases, civilizations and chrono-cultural areas of Antiquity and will be familiar with all of the disciplines involved in the study of ancient worlds.

Discipline-specific training

Each semester, students will take one discipline-specific course unit (between 3 and 5 classes per semester), which will consolidate their knowledge in their specialized field. In the first and second years of the Master’s program, each student will write a research dissertation in their
specialized field. The training program will include a professional internship of 3 weeks or more.


First-year Master’s Program: Applicants must have an graduate degree (licence in France or an equivalent degree for applicants who studied abroad).
Second-year Master’s Program: Applicants must have completed the first year of a Master’s program (or an equivalent academic level for applicants who studied abroad).

For information about the conditions for enrollment and continuing education, contact the institution’s Master’s program director.