Published on November 9, 2018 | Updated on March 21, 2023

Master's in Biodiversity, ecology and evolution (BEE@LYON)

© Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

© Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

The BEE@Lyon Master's degree aims to train students in areas of fundamental and applied ecology (conservation and management of natural and man-made spaces) and evolutionary genomics. Major current issues in science and future challenges facing these two fields are presented to students using an interdisciplinary approach with input from researchers, research professors and environmental professionals.


First year Master’s
The first semester is dedicated to building a solid foundation in the concepts and methods in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. In the second semester, students specialize, choosing between several discipline-specific course units, ranging from functional ecology to evolutionary genomics, and they complete an introductory research internship (8 weeks). Two tracks are offered in the second year: Ecology, Evolution, Genomics (EEG) and Ecosystem Bioevaluation and Appraisal of Biodiversity (BEEB).

Second-year Master’s
The EEG track aims to train specialists in the field of ecology and evolutionary biology by and for research. After the program, students will have gained conceptual and experimental mastery of the mechanisms and processes involved in ecology and evolution. The BEEB track aims to train engineers or researchers (R&D) specialized in the management of natural or anthropogenic spaces and the conservation of biodiversity. In particular, students will master the implementation of European directives, using a multidisciplinary approach combining ecological sciences and human sciences. In both tracks, the second semester involves a long professional internship (5-6 months).


Master’s program candidates are selected based on their academic record, a cover letter and a presentation of the applicants’ professional aspirations. The program is open to students with a degree or equivalent in the field of Ecology or Diversity Sciences.