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University diploma (DU) in Francophone studies, culture and society: local development strategies

Aims of the training program

This training program falls within a professional framework at Master’s level. It is orientated towards those carrying out cultural projects or those who are already working in this field and would like to get involved in assisting cultural projects.
It aims to provide the tools and strategies required to develop cultural projects related to a particular Francophone area. The training program also draws on numerous examples of cultural projects in various fields from the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and alternates between practical case studies and theoretical training.
Here, culture is understood as a lever of development for society, creating employment whilst conserving heritage, revealing new talents and bringing in tourism.
The teaching team comprises lecturers from all four universities in Lyon and Saint-Étienne, as well as professionals from the Francophone world.


This diploma is orientated towards all those carrying out cultural projects. It is particularly orientated towards two types of people: Students holding Master's degrees, Level 1 Master's diplomas or equivalent qualifications, as well as senior staff and French and international policy-makers, specifically policy-makers who are citizens of a Francophone country.


The training provided in this university diploma (D.U) enables graduates to carry out their cultural projects independently, as part of a campaign for change in that country.
It also provides access to managerial positions (advisors, project leaders, service managers, etc.) in a large variety of bodies and organizations whose duty is to develop all forms of culture.
This training program is also an opportunity to create networks of people involved in similar projects across the entire Francophone community.

Organization of the training program

The training program is divided into five parts:

  1. The basics of the Francophone world
  2. Culture and societies
  3. Cultures and the Francophone world
  4. Tools and methodologies
  5. Visits and discussions
Participants will receive the university diploma after their knowledge and cultural projects have been assessed, the topics of which are finalized at the start of the program.